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Adopt Please do not shop!!!!!
Volunteering to care for the animals
Shelter Link is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization created to benefit the animals of Suffolk
county  and surrounding areas. Our mission is to see every shelter animal placed in a forever
home.  We showcase the Babylon Shelter Animals weekly at different adoption locations.

We are also dedicated to those that are not covered by any other programs. Those
cats that have no one to care for them and, in the case of ferals, many consider a nuisance.

In addition to our other programs, Shelter Link offers our community residents a low-cost
Spay/Neuter Assistance Program with the objective of providing pets with longer, healthier lives
and preventing unwanted litters and homelessness. We are committed to continually educating
the community about spaying and neutering, ultimately ending the need to euthanize healthy,
adoptable animals by reducing the numbers that enter our shelters.

All of our activities are funded by monies raised through grants, corporate
and private donations, and Shelter Links various fund raising events, e.g.,
local fairs and
festivals, garage/yard sales, bake sales, sales of Shelter Link Logo'd items, and numerous
Adopt-a-thons  throughout the year. Additionally, Shelter Link is active online and
keeps in constant contact with various other animal rescue groups.

There are so many awesome cats and dogs at the shelters waiting for forever homes.